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Bundaberg First: Pet Cremation Business Up & Running

PHOTO BY: MIKE KNOTT, NEWS MAIL, Saturday Edition, June 19, 2018

Sending Pets Off With Care: New Business For Region

By Emma Reid 
June 19, 2018

The big question many people ask Bundaberg nurse Kirstie Ryan is why did she decide to open up pet crematorium in Bundaberg?

Well, it was eight years ago when she was faced with the tough decision to put down her husband’s beloved pet boxer dog, Holly.

“My husband was working away from home and it was while he was away she became sick,” she said.
“She had a twisted stomach and there was no other choice and I couldn’t stand the thought she would end up at the dump.”

Luckily, the couple lived in Brisbane at the time and had a pet cremation service available. 

“Holly greeted him daily and was part of the family and was so loved,” Mrs Ryan said.

Moving to Bundaberg they had realised there was no service available to give the community a chance to say goodbye to their pets properly.

“Local laws state you can’t bury deceased animals in your backyard,” she said.

“If they are left at the vets they will end up at the tip in landfill.”

“We are a growing town and it’s something we want to be able to provide, the love and care and nature through the life of their pets.”

It took two years. And a lot of research to get the business up and running. 

It’s the caring nature of the nurse who works with Queensland Health, and one of the reasons she took it on as a second job. 

The pet cremation unit has been set up in the industrial area of North Bundaberg….


Useful Links

 To get the best care for your pet now, there are several local veterinary clinics listed below. Which Companion Cremations will travel to, and pickup your pet before performing cremation services. Also some other links to help you and your family cope with grief of losing your furbaby. 

Learning to Cope with Pet Grief

A personal account of grief, and the experience of losing their beloved family member. By Stuart Gillies.
Animal Welfare League Australia

Includes useful links on this page.

North Bundaberg Veterinary Clinic

Northway Plaza
Queen Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670
(07) 4151 3688

Bronson Veterinary Clinic

35a Walker Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670
(07) 4152 3255
After Hours Available
(Emergencies Only)

Greencross Vets Bundaberg

21 Johanna Boulevard
Kensington QLD 4670
(07) 3084 6004
After Hours Available
(07) 4153 1677 or 0448 448 577

Heidi's Mobile Veterinary Service

65 Bathurst Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670
0418 108 008

Sugarland Animal Hospital

10 Heidke St Bundaberg
QLD 4670
(07) 4151 3550
After Hours Available
(Emergencies Only)

Bundaberg South Vet Clinic

67 Walla Street, Bundaberg South
(at fiveways roundabout)
24 Hrs Veterinary Services
07 4152 0009


Agnes Coast Vet Clinic

2653 Round Hill Road
Agnes Water Qld 4677
(07) 4974 9045

Childers Veterinary Clinic

2 Randall Street
Childers, Queensland, 4660
(07) 4126 1958
After Hours Available
(Emergencies Only)

Bundaberg East VeterinaryHospital

71 Princess Street
Bundaberg QLD 4670
07 4153 1399

International Association of Pet Cemetaries & Crematories

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